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» CONDITIONS » of Cheap Taxi to Schiphol Airport

On all the taxi transport mediation reserved of Cheap Taxi to Schiphol Airport to be general conditions for taxi transport of Royal Dutch Transport Federation royal Dutch transport of application (in Dutch language only). In deviation or supplement on the Royal Dutch Transport Federation general conditions, conditions apply the following: 

Cheap Taxi to Schiphol Airport drive and mediates in the service and categorizes the implementation of the transport service at selected taxi companies, the agreement is closed between the customer/passenger and the registered driver/venture, Cheap Taxi to Schiphol Airport bears no responsibility. 

Cheap Taxi to Schiphol Airport can be put never responsible for misunderstood, delays by e.g. traffic-jams, breakdown underway, circumstances etc. that the consequence does not have that you miss your flight, is Cheap Taxi to Schiphol Airport responsible, unless and as far as talk could be of set-up or debt by Cheap Taxi to Schiphol Airport. Cheap Taxi to Schiphol Airport represents them selves at all times the right, at the last moment to a ride task not to have carry out concerning. Supremacy such as extreme traffic chaos, influences, attacks etc. You be sure that we will do everything to prevent for this. You must take enough time to come on the Airport, so that you can nevertheless be, by possible problems still on a different way on time for your flight. Under supremacy it is understood every shortcoming which cannot be attributed to Cheap Taxi to Schiphol Airport , because she is to blame to its debt and nor under the law, act of law or in the movement applying conceptions at its expense comes. Therefore, Cheap Taxi to Schiphol Airport has no obligation to only form of damages.

On all rights, obligations and agreements on which these conditions as well as the general conditions, right applies exclusively Dutch. All disputes between parties will be presented to this end the competent judge in the Netherlands. 

Every taxi entrepreneur must have a complaint regulation and dovetail him or herself a disputes committee. Dissatisfied customers can that commission contact if they have complaints concerning the pace of matter in and around the taxi. A customer can for example find that he or she too much has paid or have not been treated well. A disputes committee does not judge concerning complaints concerning the management. Because a disputes committee is in the interest of both the line and the customer, Royal Dutch Transport Federation taxi and the consumer association has set up jointly, with aid of the ministry of movement and water state, the disputes committee taxi transport. Moreover, also the rural complaint communicating point's taxi has been set up. Here customers, who do not want their complaint submit at the concerning taxi venture or can at, get help. 

Re-entry on Schiphol. 
In case of delays, you can be shore that we watch these careful. After arrival on Schiphol put on your mobile tel. so that the concerning driver can take contact with you. If you return with another flight on the Airport then contact directly Cheap Taxi to Schiphol Airport by Email. 

Payment manner. 
We accept credit cards such as American Express, visas, euro card can pay MasterCard but you of course also cash. 

Privacy protection. 
Trust taxi service keeps him tied to all legal provisions to protect your personal data. Never Trust Taxi Service will pass on your personal data to service to third parties and therefore we take care for an adequate protection. 

Finally, Trust Taxi Service and all employees wish you a good travel.